NBS-C  BioScience 
(BiacoreTM) Service: Molecular Interaction Analysis

Biomolecular interaction analysis by Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR; Biacore) technology applies optical sensor chips and allows to study real time binding events between molecules. Only µg amounts of non labeled proteins (e.g. antibodies / antigens, recombinant receptors, ligands) or low molecular compounds (e.g. drug candidates) are necessary to determine accurate binding kinetics (on / off rates, affinities). Valuable information on the properties of native proteins can thus be gained within short time. Using SPR technology since its commercial establishment 1991 NBS-C BioScience staff has gained outstanding expertise in numerous R&D applications for a variety of customers ranging from academic institutions to big pharmaceutical companies all over the world. 

Our Biacore instruments are operated in a GMP classified environ-ment. Service ranges from single measurement orders to full service interaction studies performed by experienced laboratory staff including data interpretation and handling.

SPR based assays are acknowledged and recommended by international health authorities. For drug developers NBS-C BioScience establishes and performs GxP compliant QC and potency assays to monitor R&D and clinical studies, thus, amongst others, providing an indispensable component for the development of biosimilars and biobetters. For other CROs engaged in analytical services or manufacturing of biologics, NBS-C BioScience offers SPR analysis outsourcing partnership to conveniently enlarge their own analytical portfolio with this powerful technology.

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