NBS-C  BioScience 
Company Profile 

NBS-C BioScience was founded 2009 by Novartis scientists Franz Kricek, Christine Ruf and Friedrich Effenberger. Today, the core business structure of NBS-C BioScience is represented by a group of highly acknowledged scientists having been working together for more than 20 years at the Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research, Vienna / Austria and Horsham / UK, being responsible for research projects and international collaborations with partner companies and research institutions all over the world. 

Embedded within a professional environment built upon in house strategic partnership with VelaLabs, a worldwide acting, GMP certified contract laboratory, NBS-C BioScience has flexible, project driven access to professional resources in both staff and organizational terms.

This unique company structure allows us to serve our customers and research partners by combining the advantages of cost-effective flexibility necessary for high level pre-clinical and investigational research with an established certified GxP structure. Thus, we are able to conduct R&D projects, e.g. development of biosimilars and new biological drugs, from basic research, lead optimization and assay development to GxP controlled clinical development through a well established routine transfer process, thereby saving time and lowering project costs for our customers.

In a second business branch based upon the worldwide acknowledged expertise of founders and staff in the field of allergy research, NBS-C BioScience develops, manufactures and commercializes high quality research tools and research tool kits covering special needs of researchers engaged in allergy R&D.

This expertise, unique organizational structure and international network translates into the strong position of NBS-C BioScience at it's daily business.