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ELISA Development Kits

NBS-C BioScience ELISA R&D Tool Kits

Affordable, versatile, precise, convenient

Keep costs low – coat your own plates

NBS-C BioScience ELISA development tool kits contain functionally matched and well characterized components for the establishment of sandwich ELISA assays by the customer. Each kit contains the capture antibody, a biotinylated detection antibody, a calibrated reference standard, an avidin peroxidase conjugate, and detailed kit-specific protocols. As R&D tools, the kits provide many advantages over „classical“ commercially available pre-coated microtiter plate ELISA systems:

  • Flexibility to establish protocols individually adapted to customer’s demands

  • Matched and fully characterized high quality components meeting all standards as required for clinical IVD assays at only a fraction of the price to be paid for standard coated microtiter plate assay kits

  • Ideal for development and conduction of medium to high throughput screening assays

  • High assay sensitivity

  • Option of continuous interaction and support by manufacturers who are experts in the field of application of the assays

  • Detailed assay description and protocols optimized for different R&D applications

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