NBS-C  BioScience 
1st Vienna Biacore / MicroCal User Day, March 16th, 2010
Together with GE Healthcare, NBS-C BioScience organized the 1st Vienna Biacore / MicroCal User Day, which took place at the NBS-C BioScience site at the  Biotech Competence Center in Vienna. The purpose of the meeting was to bring together experienced users and researchers interested in  the field of surface plasmon resonance and microcalorimetry as versatile tools for studying the biophysical characteristics of molecular interactions.  More than 45 experts, researchers and students working at Universities, Research Institutions and Biotech Companies came together to present results of their research and to discuss applications of these powerful technologies. GE Healthcare representatives informed the audience about recent developments in the field. Emphasis was made to provide the participants with the opportunity to informally discuss interesting topics among each other throughout the whole day and in particular in a special discussion block at the end of the meeting. Stimulated by the great interest for the event, which was reflected by the unexpected high number of participants, NBS-C and GE Healthcare plan to continue with similar activities in the attractive environment of the city of Vienna.